SEO Success Story Interview with Hasan Kara, Director of Digital Marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Director Hasan, had recently have an interview with Matt Bowd from about ‘SEO Success Story: A Guide to Strategy’ on 16 April, 2018.

Here are some highlights and quotes from this interview:

“Hasan has tremendous experience in both technical and content side of Search Engine Optimisation as he has worked with various business sizes based nationally and internationally. Coming from web design/development background and having studied marketing management, he has nurtured the skill set to manage all tasks in SEO and Search marketing. Over the years, he also developed a great interest in Social media and Artificial Intelligence to take his skills to even higher levels.”

– Matt Bowd –

“Invest more time to the user funnels via studying the analytics data, and doing more A/B tests on landing pages, forms and UX functions to increase conversions without having to increase the current traffic.”

– Hasan Kara –

“The most challenging part of what we do is cleaning someone else’s mess. Whenever someone already handled the project before you, you need to check and fix even the slightest error that was left in the client’s websites.”

– Jade Galapon –

Read the full interview here:

Brighton UK based Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist with over 10 years experience (working in-house & in agency as an SEO & PPC Consultant) in building up thriving online brands, creating sales and increasing revenue for small & enterprise companies via using SEO and paid search advertising methods.

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