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Almost 76% of Google AdWords Users Waste Half of Their Budget on the Wrong Keywords or Wrong Audience Targeting.

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Over the past 2 years, we’ve audited more than 100 accounts at Hasan Kara SEO&PPC Marketing Agency in Brighton.

We’ve looked at over 675K in ad spend, 2 million impressions, 990K clicks, and more than 3K keywords in various of industries in the UK and across EU.

Amongst all that data, we’ve made some important discoveries.

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“You don’t need to throw more money at your AdWords to compete — you need to throw more time at your AdWords to compete.”

4 Reasons to sign up for the Free 30 mins PPC Consultation (Free AdWords Help)

  1. Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your AdWords campaigns could be doing better?
  2. Need to justify greater investment in Paid Search to your management?
  3. Just curious if all your hard work in Paid Search campaigns has paid off?
  4. Want to steal the ad clicks from your competitors?

Any and all of these are great reasons to sign up for this 30 mins Free Consultation.

We will overview your account together to create an instant Ad Performance report on your AdWords account for you to keep and see how your PPC metrics stack up against best practices.

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Plus we have the best PPC Experts which all of them are accredited by Google.

What you’ll get


A free report, including a performance score, on your overall AdWords performance, based on a detailed review of the following areas:

  • Wasted Spend
  • Quality Scores
  • Click Through Rates
  • Account Activity
  • Text Ads
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Impression Shares
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Advertising
  • PPC Best Practices


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