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SEO Success Story Interview with Hasan Kara, Director of Digital Marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Director Hasan, had recently have an interview with Matt Bowd from www.mattbowd.com about ‘SEO Success Story: A Guide to Strategy’ on 16 April, 2018. Here are some highlights and quotes from this interview: “Hasan has tremendous experience in both technical and content side of Search Engine Optimisation as he has worked with various business sizes based nationally and internationally. Coming from web design/development background and having studied marketing management, he has nurtured the skill set to manage all tasks in SEO and Search marketing. Over the years, he also developed......

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5 Simple Ways To Stop Wasting Money in Google AdWords

If you’re a business owner, you probably have already heard of or know about Google Adwords and what a great marketing method it is to drive targeted web traffic to your site. However, this can be not as easy as it sounds! According to Google, the typical ROI for businesses earn an average of £2 revenue for every £1 spent in Adwords. So, if you are getting a return less than that, there is something wrong with your advertising strategy or the way you are managing your AdWords account. Over the past 2......

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