Firstly we must say this for eCommerce is really different from standard SEO. You have to treat every single product like an INDIVIDUAL WEBSITE that every time a new product is being uploaded, there should be a checklist to follow and complete according to the company’s current search engine marketing strategy. After that, you must follow this 7 Best E-commerce Seo Tips I have got here for you:

1. Create an Engaging, User-Friendly Website With Minimal Load Time (Back to the basics, build a good website first)

2. Don’t Forget about Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates (The most common problems on E-commerce sites for ranking is having the duplicate product titles, descriptions or images etc.)

3. Don’t Go Too Crazy About Getting the Keywords Right (Think of your potential customers not the search engine robots – BE REAL!)

4. GO MOBILE! (I mean really go mobile, don’t just have a site which is optimized for mobiles; but have a separate interface –may be as a subdomain- for all types of mobile devices even create your own mobile sitemap!)

5. Use Only Correct Social Media (Don’t just open social media accounts that as many as you can think of – but find the top 3 or more for your type of business and use it aggressively.)

6. Stay Penguin Friendly (Stay clean! Don’t break the rules when you create your backlinks)

7. Move to Content Marketing (This is Nr.2 again! – So you know now, how important it is having a unique content. Because, great content is not just Panda friendly, it’s also shareable, a good and natural source of referral traffic.)


is not easy but the most challenging and exciting subject. Because, you are now competing not only with the store down the street but with Amazon, eBay, and other giant online retailers. But, there is always a way to beat that competition with honest, real and creative marketing methods. And, of course, the key to your success on this is finding the best Seo Expert you can find!… Best of Luck 🙂

Brighton UK based Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist with over 10 years experience (working in-house & in agency as an SEO & PPC Consultant) in building up thriving online brands, creating sales and increasing revenue for small & enterprise companies via using SEO and paid search advertising methods.