Why Moving To HTTPS is Now Even More Important for Your Website

1. To HTTPS or No to HTTPS? That is the question.

So, what is the real difference between http:// and https:// websites?

A lot of people are still confused by those terms and why it is different when they are doing their research from one website to another. What are the differences? How does that affect me? As a internet user? As a company? Those questions are CRUCIAL!

As you might know Google is always upgrading and improving its system, especially in terms of security. Internet is usually seen by people as this huge thing with an incredible amount of data that people are willing (or not) to share (bank information, personal data etc.). You always leave a trace of you while using internet, whether one like it or not. Being sure that some sensitive personal information are protected became, then, with time really important for the users. And Google understood that.

In 2014 Google announced that HTTPS was a ranking signal and they recommended to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS for the sake of users security. However, studies showed in this same year that “out of 200,000 websites only 0.3% switched to HTTPS” protocol. Nevertheless, the speed of HTTPS adoption was slow, even though Google was warning businesses about the need for them to migrate to a more secure website.

And here is the big change that you NEED to be aware of today.

In September 2016, Google made a second announcement. Starting from January 2017, they will start to MARK all the NON-SECURE websites visited via its Chrome browsers. This is a HUGE difference from their previous announcement regarding HTTPS, and this is why you SHOULD be worried this time because it will DRASTICALLY affect your business!

2. It can damage your business!

The fact that now Google will mark your website if you don’t have adopted an SSL protocol (the same thing with Https) has a huge impact on your business for several reasons. And the most important one is that in a first place it will scare the user. First, if someone is researching your website and if you haven’t migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS, they will warn the user with a grey message, that they are not sure if that specific website is secure and if the user want to continue it’s at their own risk basically. Quite scary, isn’t it?

The second step, that you might have already heard, Google just would block the site. Yes you heard it right, they will block your site on Chrome browser. Of course some users can enable it, but it will require you some setting changes and logically times that you didn’t plan to spend and this requires some technical knowledge to do it. This can be HARMFUL for your business, because; if users cannot access your website directly they will not try to understand why (most of the time) and if a a message – this time it will be in red – on the search page saying that ‘This website is not safe and you will risk to expose your personal data’, this is basically the “best” way to loose the trust from your potential clients, and ultimately this would harm your reputation.

3. Don’t forget the Domino effect

As you might imagine this will also at some point affect your ranking in a google.  A survey shows that not surprisingly, the first page of Google is generating 91.5% of clicks. Websites appearing on the other pages (2, 3, 4 etc.) share the remaining crumbs. For example, the second page receives 4.8% of clicks, while the third page receives only 1.1%. When it comes to average traffic share according to the position of your website on the Google result page rank again its without any surprise that the first page is dragging the more traffic (32.5%).

There is a REAL correlation between the use of HTTPS protocol and your ranking position on Google. Of course you have to take also into account the correct use of SEO; if you still struggling with that read our other blog posts which they will help you!

4. HTPPS is Google’s Ranking Factor NOW!

Did you know that having a https:// secure website is a ranking factor on Google since 2014?

Migrate your website to HTTPS TODAY if you still have not. Otherwise the consequences that you will be facing will 100% damage the success of your business, and it might be also hard to get back to your previous ranking positions due to the increasing competition and upcoming updates from Google. The core benefit of using HTTPS protocol for your users is: they will TRUST your business and your website. Adapting yourself to security requirements shows to the users that you are trustworthy and you improve at the same time your reputation.

Don’t forget that SECURITY and PRIVACY are two things that users are looking for nowadays. HTTPS will also boost your ranking and the ability to see referral traffic in Google analytics. Finally SEMrush‘s study has shown that “65% of websites ranking for high volume keywords are already secure”.

So, competing for high-volume keywords without a secure website is almost impossible.

5. What are you waiting for?

As it will become extremely complicated to face the online competition without a secure website, we advise you to ACT NOW! Several tools and services are available to help you but it might take you some time and knowledge to learn and do it correctly. We also as an over 10 years experienced marketing agency can help you on migrating your site to HTTPS.

Please call us on 01273 567 775 or send us an email if you would like any help or to find out about our other services. Moving to HTTPS was an option but it’s A MUST TODAY for your business.

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